My work comes from a desire to preserve what can’t be saved. I want to remember the feeling of the sun on my face, crackling leaves under my feet, the cold wind on my arms through the paper. I use earth, rain, sunshine, leaves, grasses, petals, flowers, seeds, hair, bodies, and work with them to produce a memory and a new energy. My practice has developed from my excitement at the early photographic image makers, their ethereal creations, the hazy atmospheric quality of light and a curiosity about how the chemicals react to light. I enjoy the imperfection of the technique which reminds me of the unknown possibilities in the photographic moment and the mystery of the process.

I have done a whole lot of different things including journalism for Woman’s Hour and other political, music, fashion and consumer journalism, including a column for the Sunday Express. I have presented and produced current affairs programmes for Channel 4, presented Home Front for BBC Two and written books on interior design for the BBC.

I studied photography at Central Saint Martins.